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Who I Work With

I work with business leaders who want to make a remarkable difference to their business by showing them how to build a strong brand, attract and retain loyal clients.

Previous clients include letting agents, solicitors, education companies, IT services, yoga therapists & Hypnotherapists to name a few.  But my heart really lies in professional services and b2b companies who see the value of communication and community. 

I believe that great marketing is a fine balance between analysing data, psychology and creative.  When you find the right blend you will achieve magic.  



How to work with me

My services and programs have been created to solve the problems I see most often. 

Lack of direction, brand confusion, lack of marketing systems and not having someone to bounce off and being held accountable.  

Occasionally I offer workshops, training and online challenges

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You have just undermined everything you said

You have just undermined everything you have been saying for the past 5mins! I was engrossed in a talk yesterday about mental health. Very fitting seeing as today is World Mental Health Day. The speaker covered how we all have a responsibility to ensure better mental...

Stop letting Fred distract you

​Why you might not have your ideal client nailed like you thought. Understanding your client is central to your business. Not just marketing but every element of your business. But I am sure you know that. What you may not know is that quite often your ideal client...

LinkedIn Managed Service is the DEVIL 😈

Should you outsource your LinkedIn? Warning .. you may not like what you read next. I went for coffee with a man this morning who was explaining his LinkedIn as a managed service business. This afternoon I watched a webinar where the LinkedIn trainer was adamant that...

Love is a selfish concept

When you are asked what you love about another person, it is most likely you will say things like  ‘He makes me feel like I am the only one that matters’, ‘When I am with him I feel secure’, or even ‘I am a better person when I am with him’. This dawned on me as...

Stop focusing on lead gen

Stop focusing on lead generation.Say whaaat?? Are you mad Kelli?Notice I said focusing rather than stopping altogether. In the startup phase, especially for unfunded businesses, it is highly likely and massively reasonable that you gravitated towards free and low cost...

Brad Burton vs Ivan Misner

Ok, so this debate may never end in a WWE style fight between Brad and Ivan (yes, that image is now burnt into my brain too) but whether BNI or 4N has the best business networking membership is a question that pops up on a regular basis.  As I have had experience with...

Thank you for being a real person

Today I sent this response to someone who dropped me a quick message after I accepted their friend request on Facebook.  I also ‘unfriended’ a person who immediately, within seconds, asked me to like his business page after I accepted his friendship request.   Was...

I have 30 minute video conference meetings with Kelli every 2 weeks and she helps me to keep my marketing and brand/profile raising activities focused and on track. The difference this makes to my business is nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone who finds themselves like me, running a busy owner managed small business where you find it difficult to raise your head above the parapet and take a holistic view of your marketing activities. Kelli’s help has made a tremendous difference to my business. Highly recommended.

Jo Carter

Managing Director, Concept Personnel