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Kelli Doorne

Hi, thanks for tuning into the BGC Friday live with me this morning.  

I am over the moon you have decided to request access to my Trello board.  I have every confidence that with a little bit of work you will be so organised that you will be able to create assets in quick time and have everything you need to hand when you decide to work with outsourced partners for Websites, copy, graphic design and much more.   

Having worked with dozens of companies large and small over the past 7 years one thing that remains consistent regardless of shape and size is the lack of organisation when it comes to marketing assets, ideas and campaigns. 

Every time an idea needs to be bought to life there is a scramble to find all of the correct components.   Logos in the wrong format, can’t remember the specific colour used for certain tasks or even what tech they use to build landing pages.

This Trello board helps you bring all of this information together AND includes information on how often this should be reviewed. 

Working through this template will help you save hours of wasted time and in turn, save you hundreds when working with professionals 

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Most people want you to succeed.  Focus on those people

– Kelli Doorne