Marketing for Accountants

Holding your hand helping you make the right choices 

3 steps to success

Clarity, Focus, Action


Small business is booming!!

Just how many more small business there are in the world today compared with 20 years ago.  It is now easier than ever to take control and create something special.

When most people were employed we used to be experts in one area such as Accounts. It maybe that your strength was accounts in the construction industry. We would niche ourselves into roles and became the expert in our field.

Then, one day we decided to start a business.

Now your not just an accountant working for construction companies, you are the IT department, the sales team, the board, operations … AND marketing!

My clients are experts in their field bit they need a help getting heard.

They have an idea, a concept or a fully fledged business but they know that they still have so much more to show the world.

The way I work is simple.

1. Marketing Review

2. Marketing Strategy

3. Marketing Coaching

It’s a non-fluffy tactical look at your brand and marketing.

Tell the right message to the right audience in the right place and start growing today.

Marketing Review

Quick look at what is going well and what you can improve

Marketing Strategy

Design the strategy that is right for your long term or short term goals

Marketing Coaching

Holding your hand giving you the confidence to take action succeed

Jo Carter

I have 30 minute video conference meetings with Kelli every 2 weeks and she helps me to keep my marketing and brand/profile raising activities focused and on track. The difference this makes to my business is nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone who finds themselves like me, running a busy owner managed small business where you find it difficult to raise your head above the parapet and take a holistic view of your marketing activities. Kelli’s help has made a tremendous difference to my business. Highly recommended.

Quotes I live by

Most people want you to succeed. Focus on those people
– Kelli Doorne