Marketing Coaching

Be held accountable and make descisions with an expert holding your hand

What to expect

Action .

Essentially it is you that has to take the action but it is my responsibility to help you work out what that action needs to be in order to acheive your goals.

By breaking your weeks down into manageable and effective tasks we break the barriers and make you unstoppable.

The tasks depending on you, your team, your budget and your skills.

Working with what you have to get the results you want.

This is a weekly or bi-weekly program run over 12 weeks.

Jo Carter

I have 30 minute video conference meetings with Kelli every 2 weeks and she helps me to keep my marketing and brand/profile raising activities focused and on track. The difference this makes to my business is nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone who finds themselves like me, running a busy owner managed small business where you find it difficult to raise your head above the parapet and take a holistic view of your marketing activities. Kelli’s help has made a tremendous difference to my business. Highly recommended.

Quotes I live by

Most people want you to succeed.  Focus on those people

– Kelli Doorne