Marketing Management

So you can focus on what you are good at.

What to expect


I get it.  Fiddling around making landing pages, uploading your content and making sure everything is automated and ticktyboo is a drain on your time.

You know how important being the center of your marketing is but didn’t sign up to be a marketeer.  You appreciate that there are some marketing tasks that just don’t need to be completed by you ..

If only there was a service that helps you build the right strategy for your strengths.  Holds your hand and coaches you through the entire campaign AND helps you with the fiddly bits.

Well.  Lucky for you that service is here. 

Book a call with me today so we can get started on building you up and getting you focused.

Jo Carter

I have 30 minute video conference meetings with Kelli every 2 weeks and she helps me to keep my marketing and brand/profile raising activities focused and on track. The difference this makes to my business is nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone who finds themselves like me, running a busy owner managed small business where you find it difficult to raise your head above the parapet and take a holistic view of your marketing activities. Kelli’s help has made a tremendous difference to my business. Highly recommended.

Quotes I live by

Most people want you to succeed.  Focus on those people

– Kelli Doorne