Marketing Strategy

Tailor made strategy to suits your goals, your strengths and your budget

What to expect

Focus .

Together we create a bespoke marketing strategy that aligns your strengths to your goals you start to demystify and overcome the marketing hurdles that are standing in your way.

This service is designed so you can see how your next action will impact your ‘bigger picture’.

Together we will work through three steps.




Each call sets the path for the following week and set the agenda working toward your marketing strategy.  Together we highlight where you need to focus in order to reach your next milestone.

Whilst this is structured, each and every call is different as I also take into account your team and your strengths and weaknesses.


Phil Cockyane

Have now had a number of workshops with Kelli and am really finding where to take my accountancy practice in terms of focus. Kelli really helps you crystalise how your values fit into your business and the message you want to take to your potential clients.

Finally, in terms of marketing, I feel I am going somewhere.

Quotes I live by

Do, or do not.  there is no try

– Yoda