Social Sales Training

Build relationships, Find Prospects

What to expect

Practical and tangible improvements

Only 1 in 4 sales reps use social media for business.

And the majority of those do not understand the subtleties of social selling and cause damage to the businesses they work for.

While social media is now established and ingrained in our social make up, selling is still relatively new and is growing at a rapid rate.

I work with sales teams who are phone heavy and need to build deeper relationships with their customers.  By creating a deeper connection the sales people will be able to represent your brand correctly, educate clients on new products and services and get to be known, liked and trusted.

If you want your sales people to be recommended in conversations online as the go to person to fix a problem then social selling training is a must

My standard training uses LinkedIn as a social selling tool and over the day we work through the following areas.

  • Why social selling is relevant to their role
  • Your business as a brand
  • You as a brand
  • Your goals
  • Your clients
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Connection strategy
  • Content, what it is and how to create it

If I believe that other social media tools would be of use there are other programs available and I am happy to create bespoke training for particular objectives.


Getting started is easy.

Chris Buchanan

Kelli came onto Zyxel to give the sales team some social media training. The training was really good. Kelli was very knowledgeable and really opened my eyes to how we can utilise social media more to help grow our brand and sales. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their social media profile to get in touch with Kelli.

Quotes I live by

Most people want you to succeed.  Focus on those people

– Kelli Doorne