Strategy Day Workshop

Tailor made strategy created by you for you

What to expect


We start with what you want to achieve and a blank strategy workbook.  

Throughout the day I guide you through a marketing  strategy framework asking questions that will help you come up with the right solutions for your business. 

 It is my belief that marketing, especially when working with teams is about every customer touch point.  

During the day will cover this and more … 

  • Goals & Milestones 
  • Your brand and brand values 
  • Your budget
  • Your clients 
  • You competition 
  • Your products and services 
  • The risks
  • Your positioning 
  • Your ambassadors 
  • Your sales process 
  • Technology and systems 
  •  Your team 

 The workshop is hosted by one or two facilitators depending on your requirement and number of people involved. 

 It is hands, creative thinking.

 At the end of the session you will walk away with a strategy workbook detailing the strategy you created. 

Paula Cohen

I hired Kelli to help me develop my marketing strategy. I’ve hired a number of marketers to help with different parts of my business over the last 12 to 18 months & what Kelli has delivered is miles ahead in terms of both the depth and quality of advice, and simply ‘getting it’. She was happy to challenge me about parts of my marketing that were lacking and also to make clear and decisive recommendations about where I can improve.

There’s nothing fluffy or vague about what Kelli delivers. She knows her onions that’s for sure!

Quotes I live by

Do, or do not.  there is no try

– Yoda