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Hannah Gibson

“I’m absolutely over the moon I found Kelli! I joined her video marketing support community as a founding member, and the last few months have been transformational. I had done video previous to joining; however, I was terrified (and I mean TERRIFIED of live video). Having a safe space to practice live video has been invaluable. I still get nervous, but I think I’m ready to fly the nest and start posting more natural ‘live’ type videos on LinkedIn now, something that I’ve always wanted to do. Kelli has always been supportive and provides excellent advice and feedback. If you’re looking for a safe space to practice video message Kelli NOW!!”

Does this sound like you? 

You hover over the record button for way too long

You do 50 bazillion takes and publish none

You never know what to post

You are not confident with tech

You are not sure what is holding you back

You know you just need to start

Ravi Chattha

“If you stop doing your video it is very easy to lose your confidence, I did that a few weeks ago and it made a massive difference to my creativity in a really weird way.   Even affected my LinkedIn posts as I struggled to put things together but as soon as I come on here and I start talking it puts me in a completely different mindset.”

Imagine the possibilities!


You know how important video is to your marketing.  If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t have clicked on this link.  

Video is without a shadow of a doubt THE BEST way to build and retain rapport.   It is by far the fastest and most EFFECTIVE way of communicating the value of your service and once you get the hang of it is the EASIEST content to create which enables you to repurpose your videos into all sorts of wonderful content 

What you might not know, or realise is that video isn’t saturated.  You may see people on camera every day yet the percentage of people using video compared to how many people consume video content is tiny.   This sounds like a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY to me!!  Don’t you think?

But, creating video is not easy for everyone.  In fact, the reason there is a huge gap between the amount of creators and consumers is that sometimes it is super hard.  For all different reasons. 


That is why I have created a SUPPORT COMMUNITY.  It is only £20 per month with no tie in.  Getting started in video marketing could not be more SIMPLE.

My story & Why the VMSC exists

All of the above was me only one year ago.  So me that I would cry, literately cry, if you pointed a camera at me. 

I remember once attending a networking meeting and someone was walking about with a camera.  I tried my best to avoid being near her but she found me and pointed the camera at my face. 

Instead of being bold, confident and selling myself and my business I crumbled.  Muttered a few words and then ran off to the loo… yep… I hid in the loo! 

But not anymore..  💪

Not since I created a community of people who wanted to stop hiding and start being seen AND heard … 

want to know more?

The Facebook group is limited to 20 people

Every 6 weeks we create a new content plan

Everyone in the group takes action together

We celebrate wins and learn from our failures

We give honest and positive feedback 

It is only £20 per month

What are you waiting for?

You want to get better at video marketing, we want you to get better at video marketing … it is a match made in heaven!! 

Not quite ready? Join my free Facebook Community

Quotes I live by

Most people want you to succeed.  Focus on those people

– Kelli Doorne